DS5 CPD part 3

Weekly CPD session – Session 3 Week 4 –
Presentation date: 9/10/2012


Find a book about office working/spaces and write a short synopsis picking out key points. Your book should be about office space/environments/psychology/design rather than a “coffee table” image book.

Notes: Choose your book carefully.
Notes: Your research will be public
Notes: Upload your review to your blog
Notes: Note the time.

Submission format: link via email to tshew@brokes.ac.uk
Deadline: Tuesday Week 4 11am (16/10/2012)


Please comment below with your chosen book


  1. hildachak says:

    Shotgun on Corporate fields: new office projects by the AA DRL

  2. cwashington says:

    Shotgun ‘Radical office design’ by Jeremy Myerson.

  3. ‘The Work of Antonio Sant’Elia’ by Esther Da Costa Meyer

  4. jarrarddave says:

    ‘The Distributed Workplace’ by Andrew Harrison, Paul Wheeler and Carolyn Whitehead

  5. cwashington says:

    Actually I’d like to do Space to Work by Jeremy Myerson. Got the book name wrong, sorry!

  6. Robinsonpe says:

    I think I shall do “The other office” by Matthew Stewart

  7. toby says:

    Is that the kitchen or the prison?

  8. nsdakin says:

    ‘new workplaces for new workstyles’ by marilyn zelinsky

  9. tom pond says:

    New demographics, new workspace: office design for the changing workforce; myerson et al…

  10. katejones949 says:

    ‘Colour, Environment and Human Response’ by Mahnke

  11. rdannmayr says:

    “Just Work” by Russell Muirhead

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