Tuesday Board Meeting Info

Schedule Tuesday 20th November:


CHANGE OF VENUE – Third Floor space 3 – (library end with link bridge – working screen provided)


10:30am                                               Board meeting: Leader Ronnie Maclellan CEO.


11:00am                                               Client presentations: 5 minute presentation of current work + 15 minutes discussion. You will be video recorded.


Presenting:                                         Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David

Internal Review Panel:                  Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic, TS + RM
Audience/notes:                              Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter




Presenting:                                         Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic

Internal Review Panel:                  Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter, TS + RM

Audience/notes:                              Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David




Presenting:                                         Antonio, Clare, molly, Peter

Internal Review Panel:                  Aaron, Hilda, Nigel, Ross, David

Audience/notes:                              Tom Gr, Kate, Tom P, Kartic


This is your chance to get feedback about your ideas and work from your work colleagues – please use this opportunity to your fellow office workers expand their ideas through critical feedback. If your advice is not constructive and critical, the company will fail and you’ll all be out of a job. It is in your best interests to contribute. You will be video recorded and your performance assessed by the CEO and Director.

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