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square offices

square offices

A meeting could, for example, take place at “Haight and 6th.” The “streets” are meant to serve as guideposts for navigating the vast space. Within that grid, desks are clustered around fishbowl-like “team rooms” — glass-walled cubes that act as meeting halls for groups focused on different aspects of the business, from branding to finance. High-top tables for “standing meetings” function as street corners for impromptu get-togethers.

“There’s this tipping point where you stop thinking about office planning and start thinking about city planning,” says Maja Henderson, who joined Square as Dorsey’s assistant in 2010, the company’s first non-tech employee. She started working as the office manager, which at a small startup meant everything from payroll to public relations to snacks. Her role grew with the company, and she became the lead on the new office, overseeing design and construction to ensure a seamlessness between Square’s philosophy and the place where that philosophy gets put into practice. “Your office is just a physical manifestation of your culture,” Henderson says.

Nothing symbolizes that culture as clearly as the coffee bar, the crossroads where all the office neighborhoods intersect. Centrally located along the Boulevard, the bar is staffed by full-time baristas who also work as product testers for Square’s latest offerings. (At the old office, the baristas were using an under-wraps version of Square’s iPad stand before most other employees had even seen it).

via At One of Tech’s Hottest Startups, a Huge New Office Aims Small | Wired Business |

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