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In the historical centre of Sorrento (a small town in southern  Italy) lays a deep canyon – also known as – The Valley of the Mills.

While observing the deep ravine between the cliffs an Old mill can bee seen (there are a few more that are harder to locate from above), it was built around the 10th century. The mill was abandoned sometime during the 19th century and vegetation almost compliantly covered the old abandoned mill.

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Chair Farm by Werner Aisslingerat Ventura Lambrate – Dezeen

Chair Farm by Werner Aisslingerat Ventura Lambrate – Dezeen.

“Plant yourself a chair …”

Werner Aisslinger presents his plantation chair at the Milan Furniture Fair

Once again in April, the most recognised fair of the furniture industry opens its gates for design aficionados from all over the world. At the Milan Furniture Fair, visitors will witness a small sensation at “Instant Stories”, the special exhibition from Berlin at Lambrate: Amidst the platforms showing the latest in furniture design, a greenhouse is staged. Visitors are confronted with a gigantic box that gives the impression as if it has just fallen from heaven. This laboratory-like stage setup promises to be as spectacular as watching a dinosaur hatch from its egg: A chair is born from a steel corset! The only difference to the egg-comparison is the fact that the shell of the “chair farm” prototype is inside the chair’s structure instead of being outside.

office/park hybrid

Moscow gets breath of fresh air with new park plan | World news |

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For six years, it has been a wasteland in the heart of the Russian capital, fenced off and forlorn. Soon, however, Zaryadye will be home to an ultra-modern park featuring sleek glass architecture and artificial microclimates.

The area, just a few steps from St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, was cleared of houses during the Stalin era for the construction of a huge skyscraper. That plan was shelved and in its place, the vast Hotel Rossiya was built during the 1960s. With more than 3,000 rooms, at the time it was the largest hotel in the world – and many also thought one of the ugliest. Its hulking facade dominated views of the Kremlin and Red Square.

It was torn down in 2006, but while other Soviet behemoths were replaced with western five-star hotels, the site of the Rossiya remained a derelict wasteland. British architect Norman Foster was due to design a complex including a luxury hotel on the plot, but it never got off the ground.

Then, last January, President Putin went for a stroll around the grounds and told Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin that he thought it was a good spot for a park. The mayoralty said it would draw up proposals for the site, and a competition open to Russian and international design firms was announced.

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