Chair Farm by Werner Aisslingerat Ventura Lambrate – Dezeen

Chair Farm by Werner Aisslingerat Ventura Lambrate – Dezeen.

“Plant yourself a chair …”

Werner Aisslinger presents his plantation chair at the Milan Furniture Fair

Once again in April, the most recognised fair of the furniture industry opens its gates for design aficionados from all over the world. At the Milan Furniture Fair, visitors will witness a small sensation at “Instant Stories”, the special exhibition from Berlin at Lambrate: Amidst the platforms showing the latest in furniture design, a greenhouse is staged. Visitors are confronted with a gigantic box that gives the impression as if it has just fallen from heaven. This laboratory-like stage setup promises to be as spectacular as watching a dinosaur hatch from its egg: A chair is born from a steel corset! The only difference to the egg-comparison is the fact that the shell of the “chair farm” prototype is inside the chair’s structure instead of being outside.

office/park hybrid

Trippy Mall Pushes the Limits of What Glass Can Do


Emporia is a massive, mixed-used project that houses a three story mall, supermarket, office space, and residential units. The 2,228,130 square foot structure cost just over $390,000,000 with the hope of attracting commuters who travel through a nearby train station. Photo: Tord-Rikard SöderströmThe developers of Emporia, a new mixed-used development in Malmö, Sweden, wanted to attract commuters from the local train station to the combination mall, supermarket, office tower, and apartment building they planned to create.Realizing that a stunning design could be a way to attract pedestrians they commissioned Wingårdhs a 170 person architecture firm based in Göteborg, Sweden to use the $390,000,000 construction budget to create a landmark that would act like a beacon to pedestrians. The result is a colorful collection of interior spaces, wrapped in a sinuous, psychedelic surface that appears to be on fire when the sun strikes it right.The structure’s most distinctive features are two colorful glass-clad entrances inspired by nature—an amber colored entrance pays homage to Sweden’s trees and the semi-precious stones produced by their resin and a swirling blue entry that echoes a nearby strait. The serpentine surfaces of the building are jolting, but are also notable achievements in structural engineering.

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